The browser version is not the last version of the game, in the download section, there are the newest files with "(LoP Jam)" at the names's end.


Hello there dumb living thing!

Did you know how life come from? Of course you don't, you pity existence. Life is the manifestation of planets' emotions. The humans (project ER-101, check here for disambiguation), for instance, are the result of Earth's curiosity and stupidity.

How do I know? because I'm a planet too, of course. And all my hate is about to born as a new live form, H8-R. Its only goal in live will be to eliminate all lovely and cute stuff out of my rotten surface.


This is a procedural generated plataformer game in where your goal is to eliminate as many cute things before your time runs out as you can. It was made for the Indie Dev Jam en Español #5 and the Lore of Platformers.


All the visuals are originals or edits from CC0 projects, so here they are for you, to use in your own games link




  • Double Homicide by jeti link


  • 8x8 8-bit Styled Castle Tileset by Gravity Games Interactive link
  • [8x8] Platformer Tileset: Candy Land by MadByte link
  • 16x16 Industrial Tileset by 0x72 link


RC_win(LoP Jam) 31 MB
RC_lin(LoP Jam) 33 MB
RC_mac(LoP Jam) 44 MB
Editable(Godot) 32 MB
RC_Android 56 MB


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